Ecoglo Product Range

Ecoglo designs and manufactures NCC compliant products to meet the requirements of BCA Vol 1 E4.8 Design and Operation of Exit Signs and EP4.1 Visibility in an Emergency.

Ecoglo's patented manufacturing process produces highly durable photoluminescent materials that are then incorporated in sustainable and fail safe exit signs and emergency lighting solutions.

Ecoglo’s research and development has focused on developing products that have superior durability and predictable visibility.


E4.8 Exit Signs

View Ecoglo's complete range of BCA E4.8 compliant photoluminescent exit signs.


E4 Visibility in an Emergency

View Ecoglo's complete range of path marking and step contrast products to comply with BCA E4 "Visibility in an Emergency"


Architectural Range

Ecoglo's new architectural range gives photoluminescent products a fresh look without sacrificing performance or durability.


Stadium and Venue Markers

View Ecoglo's range of aisle and seat markers for use in stadiums and arenas.

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