NCC 2016 E4.8 Exit Signs

Ecoglo’s Emergency Exit Signs are manufactured and tested to comply with E4.8 Design and Operation of Exit Signs and EP4.2 Performance Solutions.

Ecoglo's high visibility and durability ensure that the signs can be installed in any environment, indoors or outdoors. As long as there is sufficient natural or artificial light to charge the signs then a Performance Solution can be engineered to meet NCC performance specifications.

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Ecoglo manufactures two grades of photoluminescent sign material with different levels of brightness to meet different performance specifications. All reference to Ecoglo signs on this website means Ecoglo S20 grade photoluminescent signs. S20 grade signs meet both Deemed to Satisfy (DtS) Provisions of NCC Specification E4.8 and can be used in Performance Solutions to meet NCC EP4.2.

Ecoglo S14 grade photoluminescent signs are only available from Blackwoods. S14 grade signs meet DtS Provisions of NCC Spec. E4.8. To view the range of S14 signs and sizes search 'Ecoglo' at

**NEW** Ecoglo Hybrid Exit Sign - the ultimate solution in emergency exit signage..

See below for a list of downloadable Emergency Signage Product Data Sheets.

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