NCC Compliance - Exit Signs

On 1 May 2014, E4.8 of the NCC was amended to include photoluminescent exit signs.

There are strict performance requirements specified to ensure the PL signs will meet all the requirements of the BCA.

If you’re not sure if Ecoglo signs are right for your project, please read through our ‘Exit Signs’ FAQs. Download Here

E4.8 requires 100 lux illumination on the signs whenever they need to be charged ready for possible emergency use. If you aren't sure whether the existing illumination (from daylight or electrical lighting) will provide the 100 lux, there are a number of ways to check this out.

To see if you are likely to meet the 100 lux requirement, Ecoglo are developing a number of scenarios view here that show typical lighting installed in a variety of situations, with the calculated illumination where the exit signs would typically be.

Alternatively, you can create your own lighting model using DIALux or similar, or you can measure the illumination on site.

You can discuss your specific project with Ecoglo.

If you want to use Ecoglo signs but there isn't 100 lux illumination where the signs need to be, you can do this with one of our 'Performance Solutions' to meet EP4.2. Check out the Technical Justification for Ecoglo Photoluminescent Signs document (see download below) for more information. Ecoglo can review your project and provide performance solution documentation if appropriate. Contact Ecoglo to discuss.

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